About Brandi-Lee

Hey guys! I’m Brandi-Lee. Or, as my friends and family call me, B.

Currently, I’m a stay at home mom to two freaking awesome boys and a wife to a super cool dude, but let me say straight up that this blog will not include regular tips on toddler meals or advice on containing explosive baby poops (We all know that’s impossible anyway. Sorry to disappoint.)

Here are some fun, odd, and/or interesting facts about me:

  1. I am a graphic designer, and I have created many things I am both proud of and things I wish would disappear in a fire. This is the creative process, right? I believe this career has ruined my life in a way that I twitch when I see outdated typography, misaligned words and sentences, and when kerning is slightly (or majorly) uneven. It’s a daily struggle, my friends.
  1. I am an introvert. I love my alone-time where I recharge and relax, knitting while watching Doctor Who. I love people with all my heart, and yet sharing my life in the physical company of a crowd makes me squirmy. I need to think intently before I speak. Anyone with me on this?
  1. My hair is going grey. Trying to accept that fact.
  1. I am a Jesus-lover who also loves church. I have attended Relate Church since I was a wee lass of six and I’m thirty-something now. (currently in my EARLY thirties, thank you very much)
  1. I knit and crochet stuff, and run a little blog/business with my pal Daniela called Purl & Company. We do it for fun and sometimes sell cute and cool things and share patterns!
  1. I love Wes Anderson films, my favourite being The Royal Tenenbaums.
  1. I am married to a dude name Chris whom I love a lot, and we have two boys.
  1. Coffee. COFFEE. Tea is lovely but, coffee. No sugar, just cream.
  1. After the kids are in bed, I love watching Doctor Who, Seinfeld, Friends, Brooklyn 99, Mad Men, The Walking Dead and pretty much any BBC crime drama.
  1. I love rainy days. I love the smell, I love the sound. I especially love it at night when it feels extra cosy to pull a blanket over your lap and curl up with a good book and mug full of something hot.

I created this space to connect with you, and I can’t wait to get to know you! Let’s do this.

Oh, here are pictures of me, my guy, and my boys…there ya go.

IMG_7438 IMG_7387


4 thoughts on “About Brandi-Lee

  1. Luv your Bio B, That is what I will call you fr now on if I am allowed.Journalism seems to be your strong trait in life. Hopefully you will continue to pursue it. A Novel ?? Newspaper Journalist ??? Children’s stories ?? The opportunities are endless for someone with your abilities, B I will be looking forward to your other inserts.


  2. “I love people with all my heart, and yet sharing my life in the physical company of a crowd makes me squirmy. I need to think intently before I speak. Anyone with me on this?” YES me too! you explained this so perfectly!
    and I feel ya with the rain!

    Would you look at that, several years later and I still feel we are the same person. You get me.


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