What I’ve Read Lately…

Do you ever go through times where you read book after book after book? Like you finish one, then you immediately start the next? Then, all of a sudden, The Slump comes and you find it hard to slog through a couple chapters in the same amount of time. I recently went through both stages, and I am currently coming out of the latter. Ugh.

To distract myself from finishing my current book (and other projects I should be doing…), I decided to write about the last few that I have read. Let’s begin:

Where’d You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple

“Bernadette Fox is notorious. To her Microsoft-guru husband, she’s a fearlessly opinionated partner; to fellow private-school mothers in Seattle, she’s a disgrace; to design mavens, she’s a revolutionary architect, and to 15-year-old Bee, she is a best friend and, simply, Mom.” 

I loved this book! It has a creative storyline with more than a few hilarious laugh-out-loud moments. This isn’t suprising, since Maria Semple was a writer on the show Arrested Development (which I also love). I would definitely recommend this book to those looking for a creative storyline with both heart and humour.

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Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

I picked this one up at Costco for my grandma. Normally, I would not have bought it for myself, as it was the one with the TV graphics on the cover, and I have a thing against reading the movie/TV versions of books. (Anyone else? Is that odd? Normal?) Alas, I had a feeling she would enjoy this book so I bought it for her. (Aren’t I a stellar grandchild?)

She devoured this in a day and a half and gave it back to me and insisted I read it. I obliged, and I’m glad I did. It is an easy, quick read with a fast plot, which is great for this kind of genre, in my opinion. It was a perfect summertime read, and I would gladly check out the rest of Liane Moriarty’s novels! (I also have yet to watch the HBO adaptation – I’m excited to check it out)

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Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God (The Scandalous Truth of the Very Good News) by Brian Zahnd

Whew, that’s quite the title! This is a nonfiction book and much heavier than the above two books. I rarely ever read nonfiction, but in the past year I started following Brian Zahnd on Twitter and have been listening to his podcasts almost weekly, and I really enjoy his teachings. (Zahnd is the senior pastor of Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, Missouri)

I really appreciated and liked this book. It’s easy to read, and Zahnd uses language that is easy for a layman (laywoman?) like me to understand, yet they challenge me still. There are many layers to the book, but at the core Zahnd asks: Is seeing God primarily as wrathful toward sinners true or biblical? Is fearing God a normal, expected behaviour? 

The subject deserves an entire blogpost or series, so just go get the book if you’re intrigued! I look forward to reading Brian Zahnd’s other works.

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The Witches of New York by Ami McKay

I was excited to read this, because I absolutely loved Ami McKay’s other novels, The Birth House and The Virgin Cure. However once I got reading, I wasn’t as thrilled with this one as I was with the others. I found it a bit slow-going and I found myself doing the dreaded slogging-through-the book thing just to finish it. In the end, I wouldn’t say it’s a terrible book, just not my favourite of her three. There are a couple characters that McKay introduced that I would have liked to have seen go further, but they just kind of disapeared in to the story.

Would I recommend it? Not necessarily. However, I am still an Ami McKay fan and will for sure read whatever is next for her!

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Just Kids by Patti Smith

Oh gosh, you guys. I picked this up at a thrift store, intrigued by the author. I have heard Patti Smith’s name a lot in my lifetime, knowing she is an artist, a singer, a songwriter, and someone that made a mark on her generation. I went in knowing absolutely nothing about the book, about her, or about her then-partner Robert Mapplethorpe.

As I read, I felt the story unfolding like a tightly budded flower blooming slowly. Each page was a petal opening (sorry for the cliche, guys), eventually getting to the core of it all, and when I did I flippin’ BAWLED. Like weeping complete with tears, snot, mucus, and gasping. Serisouly. I’m really glad I was alone when I finished this!

This is a book I will treasure for a very long time, if not forever. It will at least remain very high in my top five favourites. So, do I recommend this? HARD YES.

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Also, I want to know: What are you reading? If you have any recommendations for me, I’m all ears!

Book images from Goodreads. 


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