Lest We Forget.

It is Remembrance Day today and I didn’t want the day to go by without adding my voice to honour soldiers and military members, both past and present. I am confident that all of us have someone that has served in the military, and to me that seems incredible. All of us have been touched some way or another by another’s selfless sacrifice.

For my family, we honour Cpl. Richard Pocha. He was my great grandfather, and he served as a Sapper in World War 2. He never talked about his experiences overseas, the day he stormed on the beaches of Normandy. The more images I see of these events, I understand why. I will always remember his love though.


I will always remember him as a happy man, always greeting with a smile. But what did he think of when no one was looking? When he went to sleep at night?

Each Remembrance Day, I post this same photo of my great grandfather. Sometimes the thought crosses my mind that it may be getting repetitive – but then I think no. That is what Remembrance Day is for – to remember, to preserve their memory, and to honour their bravery and sacrifice. So I will continue to do this each year, to share his photo. I hope my sons will do this each year too. I hope this photo and his name will be remembered forever.

Lest we forget.

Image from Flickr.


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