5 Convenient Places My Child has Laid Down (Five on Friday)

I love how kids don’t give a rip what people think.

The fact people might look at them or remotely care what they do does not register in their little toddler brains.

They don’t fear sideways looks from other people, even when we secretly kinda sorta wouldn’t mind if they gave it maybe a second thought; for instance, when you’re at the mall and he decides that the ground in the parking lot is a great place to lay down and lick the asphalt (see #3). I mean, sure, who hasn’t wondered what something that hundreds of people walk on every single day with questionable materials attached to the bottom of their shoes tasted like? Well, this particular toddler knows.

Below are five places my youngest kid has laid down in. I want you to know that these are just five of the places he’s done this – there are many more that have gone undocumented.

1. The dollar store

2. The grocery store


3. The mall parking lot (steps 1 and 2)

4. The craft store

(He was “playing cars in the basket”, apparently)

5. In the dirt

Sure, this one isn’t a public place, but he does it all. the. time.

Question: Where have your kids just laid down without a care in the world? Did you do this when you were a kid?


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