Five Things Parents Do that Would be Creepy if Done to Adults (Five on Friday)

Have you ever thought of how hilarious we adults are when it comes to babies and kids? For this week’s Five on Friday, I give you five things parents do to their children that would be creepy if done to adults:

1. Taking a long, deep whiff of baby’s head with their eyes closed

Um, how about no?
Um, how about no?

We all love the smell of a baby’s head. But picture yourself doing that to the person in front of you at Starbucks? “Excuse me sir, but your shampoo is just…delicious. Mmmmm….”

2. Sneaking in to the child’s room at night and whispering ‘I love you’ in their ear, then staring at them while grinning for a bit

giphy (4)
I just love to watch you sleep.

We have all done this. I still do it and probably will continue until my sons move out. Which may or may not be the reason why they would move. However, picture yourself waking up at three in the morning with someone staring at you, a streak of moonlight resting gently across their eyes…

3. Telling the baby, “I just want to eat your face” (see also toes, cheeks)

giphy (2)

I dare you to try this to a stranger. Actually I don’t, because you would probably get arrested.

4. Putting their nose up to baby’s bum for the purpose of smelling for poop

This never ends well.
This almost never ends well.

This would make a terrific party game at your next holiday bash! Admittedly, sometimes this needs to be done for the greater good; often when there are a bunch of diaper-clad little humans in a large group. There will always come the time when the Dreaded Aroma makes an appearance and each parent will have to bend down and take a whiff at their baby’s behinds to see if they won this cruel lottery.

5. Rejoicing when they poop on the toilet, then doling out rewards thereafter

giphy (1)

Yay! You did, babe! Your 342,938th poo poo on the potty! Let’s go for ice cream!

Did I miss any? I’m sure there are many more…


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