Well Hello There!

Hey y’all! Welcome here!

Thank you for checking this blog out! I’m honoured!

I have wanted to start a blog for some time, and I had wrestled with the idea for far too long. However, by nature,  I typically keep most of my thoughts and opinions to myself. Growing up, I was always the kid in class sitting in the furthest possible reaches of the classroom, never raising my hand much less my voice unless absolutely necessary. (Can anyone relate?)

Now, I want to create a space as an outlet to share thoughts and experiences, wonderings and musings, and most of all, engage with people whom I may or may never meet this side of heaven. I’m taking a sledgehammer to my tiny little space, my four walls, and I’m making room to expand and reach.

I see people in my world bravely put themselves out there with their own inspirational stories on their blogs, baring their vulnerability week in and out. I love reading posts about things they are passionate about, times that make them laugh, events that teach them a lesson that perhaps someone else can draw on. Almost every time they share a piece of their world, I take a piece from it and think on it through out the day. I love that. I appreciate the fact they risk sharing a piece of their lives, and sometimes share such vulnerable experiences with me and the whole world.

I want that. I want to eat at that table. I have always wanted to partake in the meal, but my fear of choking on my words held me back. I feel like I have had a whole pantry full of goods to contribute, but was afraid my donation might be too sweet, too salty, or the worst of all, bland.

So here I am, making a plate with the ingredients I have. Surely, someone out there might get some satisfaction from it? Some nourishment? I mean, someone out there actually enjoys eating liver and onions. My dish might not be everyone’s favourite, but surely someone might ask for seconds.

So what are we to expect from this blog of mine?

Oh, I would say seeing me trying to keep it real. Encouragement. Laughs at my own expense. Imperfections, heart, and transparency. Fun stuff.

I kind of envision this little blog as you and me, sitting in my living room on a Friday night with a glass of wine or mug of cream of earl grey tea, maybe a record quietly playing, just chatting about real life, or laughing at our embarrassing moments.

I love humour. I love realness. I love truth. I love stories. Life is messy, and life is hilarious. Also, sometimes, awkward.

What do I want from you?

The same realness and encouragement, and if you see something that you can say “YASSS, me too!” to, please do so! If you see something that might benefit someone else, tell ‘em. I say this not because I want ‘shares’ and ‘likes’, I don’t care about that so much. I just want to put my arm around someone’s shoulder and say, “Me too.”

My prayer is that if I can encourage anyone that needs it, that they will receive it.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me! Three cheers for you! And me! For all of us!

Okay then. Here we go.

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